Rent Storage Space Now – The Affordable Organizing Choice

Rent a Storage UnitSo, this the year that you finally have made the decision to declutter your life by renting some cheap storage space.  The fact is that for most Americans, the average sized home of 3,000 square feet can no longer accommodate many of the items that they have purchased.   As a result, one out of 10 American households have turned to renting self storage units as their solution to store their extra belongings.  Listed below are several reasons why renting a self storage unit is a convenient and affordable storage solution for most Americans.

1). Convenient Locations –  According to the Self Storage Association, there are over 50,000 self storage facilities in the USA (compared to only 60 in Germany).  Self storage facilities are located in 85% of USA Counties and in most neighborhoods.   The convenience of having a place to store your holiday decorations, recreational motor crafts, or personal files right down the street from your home or business is very appealing.   In essence, why would you want to have a crowded garage or attic when you can keep your extra belongings “out of sight and out of mind.”

2). Affordable Space – The average sized storage unit for most people is approximately 100 square feet or a 10×10.  The cost of such space ranges between $100 to $200 per month, depending on where you reside.   For many people, the idea of having their life clutter free for less than $200 per month is very cheap storage option.  When you compare the price of renting a storage unit, to the cost of a garage, attic, or basement, the rental of the storage unit is certainly a lot less.

3).  Secure Facilities –  Most modern self storage facilities have high-tech security systems which include camera recorded surveillance and electronic gate entry systems (with your own personal coded).   The peace of mind of having your valued items store in a safe and secure environment instead of a messy garage or in and unsecured back yard is important to folks who use self storage.

4).  Flexibile Lease Terms – Self storage rental contracts were originally created to help the meet the storage needs for people in a transitional stage of their life (new marriage, job relocation, or military deployment).  To meet the short term storage transitional needs, most self storage contracts are written for a period of month to month.  Additionally, self storage contracts do not require credit checks or security deposits.   These flexible rental terms are ideal for folks who do not want to commit to a long term contract.  However, it should be noted, that the average tenant in the USA keeps their things in storage for a period of 13 months.

Self Storage – The Flexible Rental Option

For the thousands of Americans renting self storage units, the benefits of a convenient location, affordable rent, great security, and flexible rental terms are benefits that are very compelling.  It is also important to keep in mind that the self storage business is very competitive.  Which means, most self storage facilities offer cheap storage rent specials (1 month free rent or the similar), the use of a moving truck, military discounts, and rental prepayment discounts (for rent periods in excess of 6 months or a year).  Make this the year that you declutter your life by renting some self storage space now!

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