Money Saving and Storage Tips

Money Saving Tip

Save MoneyOur #1 tip for saving money is to rent a storage unit that is one that is located in a interior hallway or on a upper floor in the building.  These types of storage units rent for a considerable discount compare when compared to drive up storage units.

Our #2 great money saving tip is prepaying your rent in advance.  Most self storage contracts are on a month to moth basis, if you know your going to be there longer than 6 months, consider paying your rent in a lump sum of 6 months or 1 year in exchange for a discount!

Revisit our home page and watch the video on the bottom of the page for more cheap storage tips.

Storage Tips

  • Cover storage unit floor with a sheet of plastic – You want a barrier between the floor and your store items.
  • Use sturdy or durable boxes – Used boxes can fall apart during long term storage.
  • Use plenty of clean packing paper or bubble wrap in boxes – Particularly for china and glasses (these items should be individually wrapped)
  • Pack books flat in small boxes for easy lifting.
  • Thoroughly clean all items before putting them into storage, particularly, appliances like freezers and refrigerators.
  • Store heavy items in the rear of the storage unit.
  • Store mirrors on their edge, not flat.  Pack mirrors individually with strong cardboard.
  • Use plastic wrap on upholstered furniture and use plastic mattresses covers for beds.
  • Protect furniture with storage blankets or plastic wrapping.
  • To maximize storage space, use uniform size boxes, and place the biggest boxes on the bottom rows.
  • Create an Aisle so that you can retrieve your items easier.
  • Store frequently used items near the front of the storage unit.
  • Always put an insect and rodent control in your unit.
  • Get a Good Lock – Use a disc type lock instead of a padlock (these can be easily cut).

Typical Storage Unit Sizes

  • 5×5 – Size of a small closet.
  • 5X10 – Size of large closet.
  • 10X10 – Small one bedroom apartment without appliances.  Most popular size.
  • 10X15 – Two bedroom apartment or house without appliances.
  • 10X20 – Two bedroom with appliances. Also perfect for storing a car or truck.
  • 10X30 – Three bedroom house with appliances and furniture.  Also good for storing a larger car, truck, or small boat.

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